Setup Solutions - Disconnections

Why do I keep getting disconnected?

There are multiple reasons you may be getting disconnected.

1) If you leave your Internet connection idle for 10 minutes, your connection with Turbo USA may be dropped. This is helpful for people who forget to disconnect when they have completed using our network.

2) The phone lines in your house or in your area are not stable. The phone lines you use to connect to the Internet are often decades old. Often, changing weather conditions can affect the way these lines pass data. If you can here static when you are using the telephone, chances are you will get a poor Internet connection. If you feel you have bad phone lines in your area, we advise you to contact you local phone provider for assistance.

3) Many times, the problem is hardware. As the technology of modems has advanced they have become less forgiving to phone line noise. Often we see a customer with a new PC and/or modem who suddenly can't connect. This has to do with the fact that the new high-speed modem protocols don't operate on a poor connection and will attempt to downgrade the protocol to something that will accept the conditions. On many new modems the old protocols are not installed because the manufacturers need to save money and keep the cost of the modem down and gamble that you won't need the lesser protocol anyway. So when the switch tries to downgrade the protocol to something that isn't supported on your modem, you are immediately disconnected. Trying an older modem from the same location can sometimes demonstrate this phenomenon and installing an older or more expensive modem with more installed protocols can solve the problem sometimes too. We suggest external hardware modems for the best dial-up connection.

4) Often, the problem can be corrected by changing some settings on your computer. Please follow the steps below on your Windows PC:

Outlook Express related disconnects

- On the Tools menu, click Options. On the Connection tab, select the Hang up after sending and receiving check box to uncheck it.

- *If you have old or multiple accounts setup in Outlook Express, you will need to set them all to utilize the same connection or remove them ** Go to the Tools menu, click on accounts, click on the servers tab, then highlight your Turbo USA account and click properties. Once in properties click on the connections tab, under this tab uncheck "Always connect to this account using".

Dial-up Networking Settings

  1. On the desktop (main window w/all the icons) double click on My Computer.
  2. Under My Computer, double click on Dial-Up Networking.
  3. In Dial-Up Networking, you need to do a right click on your connection icon and choose Properties.
  4. Click on Server Types at the top (may be at the bottom for some computers).
  5. On this window the only things that should be checked are Enable Software Compression and TCP/IP.
  6. Type of Dial-Up Server should start out PPP....
  7. Click on the TCP/IP Settings button in the bottom right.
  8. On this window both the IP address and name server addresses should be set to server assigned.
  9. At the bottom, use IP header compression should be checked - use default gateway on remote network should be checked.
  10. Click on OK, and then click on the General tab in the top left.
  11. At the bottom, under Connect using, click on Configure.
  12. Make sure the Maximum speed is set to 57600, and the option Connect only at this speed is NOT checked.
  13. Click on the Connection tab at the top.
  14. Make sure the box that says Cancel the call if not connected within 60 seconds is NOT checked.
  15. Connection Preferences should be set to the following: Data bits=8, Partiy= N or None, and Stop bits=1.
  16. Click on Advanced in the bottom right.
  17. Use error control, and compress data beneath it, should be checked.
  18. Use flow control should be checked (Hardware RTS/CTS should be selected).
  19. Modulation type should be set to standard.
  20. In the extra settings box, there should be nothing typed (You can add s10=50 if you are having problems with frequent disconnections).
  21. Append to log (WIN 98) can be checked, but it really doesn't matter.
  22. Click on OK until you are back to the main Dial-Up Networking window (this will save all the changes).
  23. Restart your computer.