TurboUSA Dial-Up: The Power of Pride!

Founded: 2003
Plans: Accelerated 56K High-Speed Dial-Up and Accelerated Premium Bundle Plans
Accessibility:   More than 25,000 U.S. and Canadian access numbers
Guarantee: 30 Day Money Back Guarantee Policy
Support: Toll FREE support located in U.S.
Dial-up Internet Service - TurboUSA Pride

Get Internet service you can be PROUD of HERE!

TurboUSA is the nation’s premier Internet service provider. Get faster, more reliable connections that are second to none! Try us, we guarantee you’ll be impressed or your money back! Our thousands of access numbers allow for the best connections across this great country.

We are proud to be one of the few American companies that do not outsource its customer service or the jobs that go with it! Unlike some companies, we do not charge extra for providing customer service to you. Does that really make sense? We feel that toll FREE support should be available for any questions you may have!

We are also proud to say we keep your information private! Our customer privacy policies state that we will not monitor or sell any of your personal information or online surfing habits.

Once you subscribe, you should find that the things we do differently are what make TurboUSA such a great company to deal with. We try to make it easier for you to choose to support American workers and the company they helped to build for Internet service YOU can be proud of!

Thank you for choosing to have your Internet service through TurboUSA. Comments and suggestions are always welcome.

God Bless!

Marketing Department
1-800-91-TURBO (1-800-918-8726)